Zimri’s Golden Seal

“In this action game, you have to navigate the roof tops using the torches as guides and find Zimri’s Golden Seal. Along the way, you will have to evade or fight guards and magical creatures using your magic attack. “
In this game prototype, I was the lead coder and was responsible for all the game mechanics and interactions. I also created particle systems for the game, such as the weather and the magic attack itself.

Download to Play
Drag the folder to your desktop and then double click “ZimrisGoldenSeal.exe”.
Make sure to leave the files inside intact, these are needed to play the game. Enjoy!

Wizard's Spell

Wizard Spell

“In this puzzle game, you are an apprentice wizard that needs to prove themselves to their master by helping the towns people defeat magical creatures. Each encounter has a specific word that is the creatures weakness, match the letters to create the word and damage the monster. Keep an eye out for the modifier runes, the more you get the higher your damage will be.”
In this game prototype, I was the coder responsible for the main game mechanics for the runes. I was able to develope the gameplay mechanics from scratch after looking at some similar games.

Click to Play

Robot Escape

Robot Escape!

“In this side scroller, help Robot 01 escape the factory so that he won’t be recycled. Use the platforms and Robot 01’s double jump to navigate the levels.”
In this game prototype, I created all the assets and the game mechanics. This was also my first introduction to actionscript and my first full game created in Flash.

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